Covid test for travel

Before you go on holiday

You may need to take a PCR test before you go

Do I need a test for the destination I'm travelling to? 

It's important to note that the traffic light system does not tell you anything about testing or entry requirements for your destination. These are decided by the country you are travelling to. As the situation is changing rapidly, you should always consult the UK government website and the local government advice on your destination before travelling. 

How do I order my home sample collection kit? 

We've partnered with Randox, a government-accredited testing service, to give you a discount on home test kits, bringing the cost down to just £43 per test. Book with us and you’ll receive a promo code in your booking confirmation, which you will receive via email. Kits will take around 4-6 working days to arrive.

Are these tests approved for use in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? 

No. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have a different policy for post-holiday tests. If you're returning home to Scotland, you'll need to get a test from here. If you're returning home to Northern Ireland, you'll need to get a test from here. If you're returning home to Wales, you'll need to get a test from here

When should I get tested before my holiday?

Every country has their own testing rules and guidelines. You should always check your destination’s local government website for more information, but generally you should collect a swab sample between 48-72 hours before travelling.

Note that some destinations ask for swab samples to be collected within 2-3 days before departure, while others 2-3 days before arrival. While the type of test required by each destination varies, Randox provides home PCR tests that are accredited by the UK government.

Can I get tested at the airport?

If you book your test through our partner Randox, you can now get tested at selected airports including Manchester, London Stansted, and all East Midlands airports. Liverpool is also an option but your test will be carried out at LiverpoolONE centre instead. From just £39, you’ll get your results in just 1-3 hours, and if you book through us you’ll receive a £5 discount code, which you can use against your express test.



While on holiday

Find a testing centre for a pre-departure Covid 19 test

Do I need a pre-departure test? 

Yes. To get back in to the UK, you need to show you've taken a pre-departure test. This applies to all destinations (green, amber and red).

When do I need to take it? 

You must take a test 3 days before you’re due to fly back to the UK. So if you’re returning home on Friday, you’ll need to take the test on the Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday before your flight. 

Tip: You'll need to include the test's booking reference code on your passenger locator form, so make sure you order your post-holiday test(s) before you get on your return flight home. 


Info on pre-departure tests

When you get back

Order a post-holiday, home PCR test kit before your return flight

How many tests do I need when I get back?

Post-holiday UK testing requirements vary depending on whether the country you're visiting is listed as green or amber.

Green: one PCR test when you get back, on the second day of your return. 

Amber (if you've not been double vaccinated): two PCR tests when you get back, one on day 2 and another on day 8 of your return.

Amber (if you have been double jabbed): one PCR test on day 2 of your return

When should I order a test? 

It’s best to order all the tests you need for your holiday before you go away. At the very least, you’ll need to order your post-holiday test(s) before you get on your flight home, as you’ll need to include the details of the test on your passenger locator form



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FAQs about Randox's home test kits
How much does a home test kit cost?

A PCR test with Randox usually costs £48pp. Book with us and you’ll receive a promo code that will reduce it to £43 per test. You can redeem it  when you order a home test kit from the Randox website. Note that the discount is not valid for in-person tests. 

When will I receive the promo code?

Your promo code can be found on your booking confirmation, which you will receive via email. Simply visit the Randox website, fill out any information required and order your home test using your unique discount code.

What’s the process for using an home test kit? 

If you want your results in good time before you travel, Randox’s rapid test service is highly recommended. Their Covid-19 testing kit allows you to collect a swab sample at home to be sent off for processing at their certified laboratories. 

When registering the kit each traveller will input their swab time and date - this usually has to be within 48-72 hours before travelling, though entry requirements vary by country. 


When should I order my test?

Make sure you order your testing kit as early as possible before your holiday. The sample testing kit has at least 6 months expiry, so you can keep it for up to half a year before you need to travel.

How do I return my kit to Randox Laboratories for testing? 

You can arrange for your own private courier or use one of the Randox drop-off points. Note that the delivery of the kits back to the lab is your own responsibility. 

What happens after I send off my test?

You will receive an email receipt to let you know when the labs have received your sample. Once your sample has been processed you will receive a certificate of your test results. 

How long does it take to receive test results? 

Once you have received the email receipt, your results will be released within 24 hours.

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