Long Haul Holidays

Escape to far-flung hotspots

Taking a Long Haul Holiday and heading further afield can be exciting - and also a bit daunting. Book with Thomas Cook and our team of travel agents will help you the whole way, from choosing your destination to picking the right airline. They’ll even give you tips while you’re out there. 

So whether you’re seeking winter sun or wanting to explore a new culture, find some inspiration in our range of Long Haul Holidays to countries like Mexico, South Africa, Mauritius and Thailand, and get ready for a trip you'll never forget. 


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Long Haul Holidays for Couples

From the liveliness of Cancun itself to the more bohemian Tulum, Mexico is the perfect destination for a blissed-out beach break with your significant other. For something truly special, splash out on an all-inclusive resort on the Riviera Maya. Just across the border, couples can head to the glamorous city of Miami with its fantastic nightlife, enticing Latino food, and hip South Beach. Or, for a more laidback sun-kissed beach break, why not give Fort Lauderdale a try?

Long Haul Family Holidays

Give your kids memories that will last a lifetime and book that long-awaited trip to Orlando family holiday. You’ll need weeks to pack it all in so take your time and choose your parks wisely – or better still keep coming back for more! For something a bit different, why not try a Club Med getaway on the white sandy shores of the Dominican Republic or the delights of the culture of the Far East? 

Long Haul Holidays to Florida Keys

Florida is a US state with it all – cities, beaches, nightlife, the world’s best theme parks and fantastic shopping. Inland, you have the world-famous parks of Orlando region complete with Disney, waterparks, shopping and entertainment. If you're after a different side to the Sunshine State, head to the Keys off the tip of the mainland with its famous everglades. 

Tips for long flights with kids
Tips for long flights with kids

Think about battery life – bring a couple of fully-charged battery packs for all the tech you’ll have onboard. Plenty of planes now let you charge with a USB charger but always best to have back-ups. Also, bring your own sleep mask or earplugs. The airline will hand them out but find some that you know are comfy and help you settle in for a nap or some quiet time. 

Nowadays, we all have our own entertainment devices but checking what they have onboard is a great way of preparing your kids for the flight. 

Think about some healthy snacks that will keep hunger pangs at bay between meals but won’t go to waste if you don’t eat them straight away. A few protein bars or flapjacks, for example, or bags of nuts or dried fruits. 

Finally, think comfort – what are you happy sitting around in for multiple hours? Whether that’s your favourite hoodie or trainers, don’t dress to impress when you’re on the flight. And bring an extra layer or two if you get cold. A big scarf or a jumper will do the trick. 

Long flights with kids can be a bit daunting so we give you plenty of options for airlines so you can choose the best ones for you and your family. 

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